Monday, April 25, 2016

Review of current electric prices - PECO with regard to Solar PV usage

Quick review of the post I made back in late 2012 regarding the dropping electricity prices in SE PA in the PECO area.

02/08/11 (reading date)
Generation Charges             1,283 kWh X $0.09070 $116.37
Alt. Energy Portfolio Standard 1,283 kWh X  0.00120 $  1.54
Transmission Charges           1,283 kWh X  0.00730 $  9.37
Distribution Charges           1,283 kWh X  0.05960 $ 76.47

Generation Charges             1,404 kWh X $0.09180 $128.89
Transmission Charges           1,404 kWh X  0.00740 $ 10.39
Distribution Charges           1,404 kWh X  0.06000 $ 84.24

04/07/16 -- reduction is shown here with Solar in use.
Generation Charges                54 kWh X $0.07383 $3.99 
Transmission Charges              54 kWh X  0.00580 $0.31 
Distribution Charges              54 kWh X  0.06813 $3.68

It appears that power prices have continued to come down since higher periods in the late 2000s and early 2010s.   Generation charges have dropped due to the fuel sources used to generate power while the distribution charges keep rising due to added costs of maintaining transmission lines including labor and fleet management costs.  Should fuel costs rise, this would play against the benefits seen only in the area of the generation charges.  The Transmission Charges are also slightly lower but are a fraction of a cent and are negligible.  

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