Wednesday, January 1, 2014

EV Charging resource list

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This is a good list for EV drivers who want to find public charging while travelling.

Beyond Superchargers - Road Tripping Resources
High powered charging stations are being built out by different groups, companies and organizations to that we can better enjoy our cars.
Here are some other resources that consist mostly of the medium power Level II chargers:
More commonly known resources are listed below and there is a mixed variety of charging
Here is a thread with information about how Chargepoint works: - tracks and maps charging stations. They differ from some of the others in that they verify a station before listing it.
If you have range questions you here is a resource. You just select the car you are using and enter your estimated speed and give yourself a good buffer. This map does not compensate for crossing bodies of water properly, so keep that in mind.
Hotels with Charging:
I know that there is more out there so, please chime in!

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